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Clean Water For All

Clean Water For All

Safe drinking water is essential to good health. Of equal importance is water we use for domestic purposes such as brushing our teeth, cooking, washing fruits and vegetables and making ice.

In Africa, essential water supply is often stored in a water storage tank or reservoir and are rarely cleaned.  On average a water tank is cleaned once in 3 years.  However most tanks are NEVER cleaned.

At FF we start by educating the public through various social media campaigns on the importance of cleaning water storage tanks.

Our  teams visit homes and offices cleaning and repairing water storage tanks and as a result save people from waterborne diseases.

With the recent corona virus pandemic, the importance of clean water and hygiene has become very obvious.  At FF we make sure you always have clean water to wash your hands and carry out other chores safely.

STAY SAFE by getting your water storage tanks cleaned TODAY.

Clean or Repair

AT FF we focus on water and sanitation solutions in homes and institutions.  We attend to the forgotten vessels that store your water but are rarely cleaned. Polytanks, Sintex or underground reservoirs are cleaned or repaired.

From plastic cylinder tanks, steel, fiber to concrete underground tanks, FF works diligently to clean these assets and passionately work to keep the populace safe.

We participate in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG6)

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Clean or Repair

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