Clean Your
Water Storage Tanks


For safe and clean drinking water, to protect your family from waterborne illnesses and for good health and sanitation.

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What We Do?

AT FF Cleanng Services we want to make sure you have access to clean water.  In addition we recommend best practices to ensure all your tanks are well maintained. We clean water storage tanks for both domestic and commercial customers.  We wash Polytank, Sintex, concrete underground reservoirs or any other type of water storage silo.

Why Clean Your Tank?

Lack of tank sanitation can greatly impact your health.  As a result, poor quality tank water can lead to several health issues. This can lead to diarrhoea, anaemia, botulism, ascariasis, dengue, fluorosis, hepatitis, giardiasis, malnutrition, typhoid and many more disease.

Make Sure Your Water Tanks Are Cleaned Bi-Annually

Services We Offer You

  • Water Tank Cleaning
  • Water Tank Purification
  • Sintex or Polytank Lid  replacement
  • Concrete Underground Repairs

Tell Tale Signs You Need to Wash Your Tank

  1. When was the last time you cleaned your tank?
  2. Does my tank have a cover?
  3. Is my tank directly hit by the sun – causes bacteria to breed in the water
  4. Does my water smell, taste funny or have a colour?
  5. Is water leaking into my house from the roof?

Don't Go Another Day With A Dirty Tank!
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We have heard the argument that “we definitely don’t drink from it”, but can this really be true? For instance, children who are none the wiser drink water directly from taps ever so frequently.


And this unsafe water has a way of trickling down your throat when brushing your teeth!