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Service Pricing

We have tailored our service contracts to meet customer’s specific needs and to cover all levels of requirements.  We will carry out a thorough site survey to ensure that we have correct tools to execute the job.


All service contracts include twice a year cleaning of water tanks (Polytanks)


Other charges may apply and these may include: leaking tanks, replacing pipes and tank accessories, accessibility of tanks and any other adhoc requirements.

Your Information


How do you actually clean a tank?

For the first clean we prefer to physically access the tank, scrub wash and remove any substances that may have been lodged in the tank.  Follow up washes will be carried out with a power washer

How often should I clean my Polytank?

We recommend you clean your tank at least twice a year.

How much will it cost?

This will depend on the size of tank in litres.  For domestic customers prices are normally between 100 cedis to 150 cedis up to a 10,000 litres tank. Please call to confirm the price for your specific tank

When is the best time to clean my tank?

Immediately!  There is an urgent need to clean all tanks to reduce the risk of disease.  No point using contaminated water just because you dont want to waste it.

Happy Customers

“I had a leaking tank as well as a dirty tank.  I essentially got two problems fixed by FF Cleaning Services at the same time!  There was no need to pay a separate plumber to fix the leak before I could clean the tank.  I highly recommend FF Cleaning Services to all polytank owners in Ghana”

“I never realised that my skin condition was caused by my daily shower with water from the tank.  No matter what cream I used the rashes kept coming back.  Thanks to FF Cleaning Services I am back to normal without any rashes.”